We use an ACH auto-withdrawal system that will automatically withdraw the necessary payment for the program from your bank account on the 8th of every month. To sign-up for the auto-withdrawal system, fill out the entirety of the waiver packet, attach a voided check to the final page of the waiver, and bring the waiver packet to the Athletic Proving Grounds or Halls of Hanover.

Vargo Trained Plans
One Family Member – $195
Two Family Members – $295
Every additional family member after two – $50 each
*discounts apply across all programs offered
DEVELOPMENTAL / LIL’ MOVERS PLANS (can choose the family plan if cheaper)
Developmental Member 1 – $195 month to month
$175/month, 6 month consecutive month contract
$150/month, 12 consecutive month contract
Family member 2 – $100/month, month to month
Every additional member after 2 – $50/month each, month to month


  • All payments are non-refundable.
  • If one session is attended in a calendar month, that entire month will be charged.
  • If zero sessions are attended in a calendar month, you will still be charged for that month if we are not notified of your absence before the 5th of the month.
  • Contracts will be charged to completion regardless of attendance.
  • Enrollment in the Vargo Trained program comes with a three-month minimum payment commitment regardless of attendance.