In high school, athletes must complete a minimum number of workouts per week based on their sport, career point, time of year, and level of play.  Failure to meet minimums is a waste of your time, your money, and our reputation; which will result in a minimum of 6 months out of the program.

We have programming that has been proven time and time again across all sports that we work with.  Please spend time visiting our Instagram for current success’ and our past success detailed here to get an in depth understanding of our success rates and know that it is not by chance that these things happen; programming must be implemented well to be effective.

Results, they are what we believe we exist to produce, they drive our every decision & anything outside of following the data driven program that was developed to get them is a distraction from the reason we exist.

That said, the athlete is the biggest variable of the success formula & we’ve been blessed to find the right ones to plug in & make it work. Talk don’t cook rice, get on our level!