While our main 7th through college program is closed to new athletes, there is a summer program available for new athletes until space opens up as athletes graduate and college athletes return to campus next school year.

The “HOW we do it” program is for any athlete new to Vargo Trained that wants a training option after May 1st while the main program is full and has a waiting list for entry. You will be far more prepared for the main program, understand our language, routines, and expectations. While it’s not near the 84 hours between 2 locations offered 7 days a week to athletes in our main program, it is a good option to get familiar with our program and possibly join the main program sooner (no guarantee).

COST: $400. First 10 paid & registered get $100 off. Group closes at 20 athletes.

WHEN: May 29th-August 4th
10:00-11:00am Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays and 2:30-3:30pm Monday-Fridays. Closed Tuesday June 6th.

WHERE: The Athletic Proving Grounds. 475 South First Street, 86 North Hanover St., Minster.

WAITING LIST: Those who enter a summer program will be jumped to the top of the waiting list for the main program which is now closed to new athletes. You will be contacted to replace any athlete in the main program that do not meet their mandatory weekly minimum days, although there is no guarantee that this will happen. Click the link and follow the instructions provided to be added to the waiting list: Waiting List You can also check your position on the list in that link once you get your athlete code. The list is updated daily.

WHO: New athletes or anyone on the waiting list that wants to start training and are entering the 7th grade & above. No new 7th through 12th graders will be accepted into the regular Vargo Trained program during summer months; this is the program available for those grades.

WHAT: From square one, athletes will be coached through how our program works and experience what it is like with other “new to the program” athletes.

RESULT: Athletes will be prepared to enter the main program when a spot opens in the future.


If someone fails to meet their mandatory minimum days, those at the top of the waiting list will be notified to fill that position. Those contacted will have until the end of that week to start their first session and meet mandatory minimum days to stay in the program. If someone contacted on the waiting list does not start on the week they are contacted, they will move to the bottom of the list, and we will contact the next person on the list. Once enrolled, you will need to meet all program expectations, and attendance requirements weekly. Failure to meet attendance requirements will result in a six month dismissal from the program. AFTER a 6 month dismissal, athletes may be added to the waiting list.

We anticipate 20-25 spots opening in August when college athletes leave for campus. If the waiting list covers those spots, then we will not announce that we are accepting new athletes to the public until winter 2024.