At our Tipp City location only, all seventh and eighth graders will be required to attend at least one day per week to keep their spot in the program.

1 day per week (Saturdays or Sundays can be the start or the end of a week).

Not attending at all in one week will result in immediate removal and the spot will be filled.

There is a six-month dismissal from the program like there is with the High School program.

You are welcome and encouraged to message to re-enroll the following month after checking to see if there are openings. If there are no spots available, you can add your name to the waiting list to rejoin the program when a spot opens in the future.

This is less about minimums as a means to nearly guarantee the success rates we have had since the 2012 graduating class, and more about making sure that we fill our capacity with active participants.

The Tipp location is close to full and has weekly minimums for all so we can fill the Tipp location with people that want to use their spot to improve & make sure that we don’t exclude people that would make the most use of a spot that isn’t available.

Minimums have never been a part of our seventh and eighth grade program because we do not feel it is developmentally or age appropriate to hold kids at age to the standards and what it may mean for their outlook on sports and training in the future.

I do not view one day a week as having the potential of doing psychological damage or a total loss of interest from burnout like pushing a young kid that may not have interest 3-4-5 days a week would.

There will be no refunds, so you will have the option of attending the Developmental program Monday through Thursdays at 4, 5, 6, and 7 pm until a spot opens in the main Vargo Trained program.

One day is not the recommendation, visit our high school minimums chart for a 7th/8th recommendation or ask me.

Please visit our program’s career based philosophy tab on of the website for more information on how an athlete transitions through their career.